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Frozen 2: Not Ready to 'Let It Go'

Forget the myth that sequels can never beat the original movie. Audiences can’t let go of Frozen- and that means Frozen 2, as well. The songs encourage both children and adults to sing along. The adventure is led by returning cast members, Arendelle’s Queen Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, and accompanied by her sister, Princess Anna, voiced by Kristen Bell.

In 2013, Frozen broke stereotypes leading to a raise in eyebrows. Once again, this charming musical sequel enforces the message of sisterhood and empowerment. Two sisters, one of whom has a magical touch turns everything to ice- including her kingdom. In Frozen neither Elsa nor Anna are saved by a male.

and although the fairy tale ended with an act of true love-from a powerful bond between sisters.

Disney has been criticized for enforcing gender roles to children and as a result, Disney has broken away from the traditional Damsel in Distress. In Frozen 2, Queen Elsa hears a voice, which she believes is a spirit. This causes Arendelle to be destroyed by the elements: earth, wind, water, and fire. The citizens of Arendelle are forced to evacuate while the team composed of Anna, Elsa, Sven, Kristoff and Olaf venture to the enchanted forest. They uncover memories of the past through the magical powers of the water.

Kristoff, Anna’s love interest, who is alone in the woods, sings about his feelings in a power ballad, which is not typically seen in Disney’s male characters. Kristoff doesn’t engage in toxic masculine behaviors; instead of trying to protect Anna during this battle, he fights beside her, and offers her his unconditional support without any expectations. He asks his fiancé, “I’m here, what do you need?”

Anna works to fix the relations between Arendelle and the people of Northudla, a local tribal people. Disney drew inspirtaion for the Northdulra people from the culture of the Sámi, an indigenous minority living across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and northern Russia, who have faced discrimination against their language and culture. Many Sámi people have felt this movie has empowered them to feel more confident in their culture.

The Leader of the Sámi people signed a contract with Disney outlined their use and protrayal of the Sámi people and their “desire to collaborate with the Sámi in an effort to ensure that the content of Frozen 2 is culturally sensitive, appropriate and respectful of the Sámi and their culture.” This formal agreement could be due to criticisms of cultural appropriation seen in prior films.

But the biggest Disney change of all? Disney Queen, Elsa gets to wear pants!

See Disney's Frozen Trailer Official Trailer below:

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