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Mean Girls Musical Remake is Released

Kerrigan discusses the brand new remake of Mean Girls, now as a musical

The Plastics are back again, in the 2024 remake of the original Mean Girls movie. The Mean Girls movie was released January 12th, after months of anticipation. Renee Rapp and Angourie Rice star as Regina and Cady, portraying the already iconic characters from the early 2000’s. The movie was announced in January of 2020, with Tina Fey returning as the screenwriter and producer.

While the remake does take after it’s original, it’s aimed more towards musical and theatre fans who know and love Broadway’s version of the film. The film’s soundtrack includes top songs from the Broadway musical, such as “Meet The Plastics”, “Apex Predator”, and “Revenge Party”. 

Rapp, who had originally portrayed Regina George in the musical adaptation returns not only as one of the star actresses, but one of the leading songwriters. Meanwhile, actresses like Angourie Rice and Bebe Wood take up their first musical roles. Auli’i Cravalho, who voiced Disney’s “Moana”, also stars as Janis Ian. 

Even though it is expected to fall under the 2004 original, the Mean Girls remake is predicted to have a $100 Million grossing worldwide. Though it will not be available for streaming on any services besides the Paramount+ app, fans can still watch it in the local cinemas.

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