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For the first time ever FHS has hosted FNL, “Friday Night Live” which was inspired by the popular television show “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). The show was filled with great comedy as is the original. The show started at 7:00 p.m on Friday February 16th and lasted a little more than an hour. Tickets were being sold for 5 dollars per person, both the week leading up to the event and at the door. 

FNL was hosted in the cafeteria by the Thespian Club hosted by: Adriana Liberti, and Gabriella Stewart. The main cast included Tatiana Foray, Zariah Butts, Kennedi Smith, Gabrielle Granados-Enamorado, Sofia Parillo, Isatu Jalloh, Kayal Edwards, Aryan Patel, Jordan Kinney, and the hosts. There was also a special guest Jupiter Mullen that sang a few songs throughout the show. Zariah spoke more in depth about the process to prepare the show “The show took about two months to prepare for after the auditions.” 

The audience had a great time and many people enjoyed the show. FHS senior Deborah stated “The show was really enjoyable; dare I say funnier than the actual SNL. My favorite part was the musical performance by Jupiter where she sang ‘Let the Light In’”. 

Another FHS student Simarjot  had said “I sat in the back row, it was a little difficult to see but I did like the segments. The show was longer than expected, but still fun and entertaining. My favorite segment was towards the end of the show. It was a skit based on a boy bringing his first girlfriend home. The whole interaction was awkward and funny. For future shows I’d like to see a different seating arrangement so that other parts of the audience can have better views.”. 

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