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The Great Sergeant Bobe: Staff Interview

Alicia Interviews JROTC Teacher, Sergeant Bobe

Everyone knows the Great Sergeant Bobe. But there are some things you don’t know, so keep reading to find out about him.

Josh's Photo of Sergeant Bobe: Sgt. Bobe who has been a longtime member of the FHS community serving as the instructor for the JROTC alongside his co-teacher Major Vazquez.

He means a lot to our students, especially the ones who are in his class and wanting to go into the military.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Sergeant Bobe for serving our country and another thanks for making a difference in my life and other people you have helped.

Here are the questions:

Q: Who are the people who movative you most when it came to going to the army?

A: Really no one did, but being jobless after earning a Bachelor Degree and being married I realized that I had to do something

Q: When did you realize that you wanted to fight for our country?

A:Well, every soldier that I know the least thing wanting to do is fight in a war.

Q. Where were you before you moved to New Jersey and how long did you live there?

A:Before NJ I lived in Miami FL, for 21 years. CONT’D PAGE 2

Prior, I live in California, Colorado, Ny, and overseas, Germany, Korea, Japan.

Q. How was it in the army and how do you get through everything that comes with going to the Army?

A:The Army is still to me the best ever organization that one can be part of. It was very interesting, demanding, educational and fun.

Q. Why did you pick JROTC?

A: A friend Retired Colonel in charge of the University of Miami ROTC program called me once he had learned that I was retiring from the Army offering an Instructor position at Miami University, which I accepted.

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