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Small Strokes

Quality news, where you want it, when you want it.

The Warrior Newspaper is the official Franklin High School Student Newspaper.  

We work to provide non-biased news to the Franklin High School Student Body about upcoming events, reflections on past events, as well as reviews of new films, sports stories, and world news.  The stories are written and published by the students involved in the Newspaper Club and Journalism.

Run by the students for the students.  We are not a for profit enterprise and exist only as part of the English Department of the High School.  


Any Franklin High School Student with something to contribute may join!  If you are interested, please join us in C305 after school on Tuesdays. 


Meet Our 2021-2022 Warrior Board



Sanchi Sharma

FHS junior, who loves to read books, ideally with her favorite yellow blanket and tangerine tea :). Story writer, Juggler, dancer and new language learner. 

Publishing Editor

Jack Bozinta

Junior at FHS, Video Gamer, and Jokester.

Newspaper Advisor

Megan Moyer

English teacher at FHS.  Teaches English 12, Journalism, The Graphic Novel and Anime and Young Adult Literature


Marketing Manager 

Head Editor

Jazzy Fleming

FHS Senior, and poet, who loves to listen to pop and indie songs! Future Political Science Major, and Communications Minor, next year!  

Abrionna O'Brien

Senior at FHS, KPOP listener

Our Warrior Staff Editors 

Alyaa Mahmoud Awad '24

Michael Masters '23

Santoshshiva Thirumurugan '23

Our Warrior Journalists

Halen Abera '23

Alicia Brown '24

Gael Chisco '22

Joseph Coto Reyes '23

Brooklyn De Lon '23

Jayden Fasuluku '22

Joshua Garfinkel '24

Vanessa Gordon '25

Aqsa Iqbal '22

Abdul Jalloh '25

Aminata Kamara '24

Michael Masters '24

Melanie Meneses '24

Paola Meza Rosas '25

Eliana Montas '25

Lorraine Pena '24

Ivy Pennyfeather '25

Lukas Pidustwa '22

Melanie Ramirez Cuahutle '25

Camira Richardson '25

Jordan Turner-Volpe '25

Small Strokes
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