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A New Year, A New Season to Bowl

After a steaming hot summer and windy autumn, winter has come around and greeted us with another new season for bowling. Veterans and newcomers will be joining in this year’s Bowling Team to have fun, play games, and win some trophies. As more people join the team, the more exciting it’ll be.

People already know the basics of bowling- grab a bowling ball, and walk down the lane, let go of the ball and see it roll down the lane hitting the pins. Well, when an individual is on the team, it’s not all about the bowling ball hitting the pins, it is about how many pins are knocked down. Why? Well because the number of pins knocked down will count as points for the team.

Now that the season has started, sooner or later, the games will be coming in and so will the competitions.

“It’s a bit nerve-racking but it’s fun and in the end, it’s all just a game,” said Christopher Arana, as he explains how the game feels for the newcomers as he joined the Bowling team this year.

“I started bowling when I was three and I guess I liked it since then,” said Jonathan Hood, another player on the team. He went from a beginner into a more experienced player for the team.

Practicing for games and competitions, hoping they will win it, after all, they put in some hard work. Together, the FHS Bowling team will look forward to the games and competitions and try to do their best, as their teammates cheer them on.

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