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FHS Basketball Begins

Malachi shares what to expect from FHS Basketball this winter.

The time is upon us! The time of the season when the weather is too cold to play sports outside. The time for crowds to gather in numbers to cheer on their school teams inside their designated gymnasiums. That time is Basketball season. The football season didn’t end the way it was intended for its players, the season was filled with heartache and heartbreak. Many of the school athletes and students believe that the basketball team will right our wrongs and give this school our sense of pride again. I took the liberty of asking a few of the school's highly talented basketball players what their expectations for the season were. When asked their answers were short, but meaningful.

Star point guard Samuele Mattia, when asked what his expectations were, answered, “ To hang a banner”. Samuele or Sammy, as he is known by his peers, has been a part of the basketball team for 4 years. He feels that this year their unit has grown stronger and grown better and finally has what it takes to complete this goal. Looking for a more in depth answer I moved on and asked another star player for the team.This player has entered the top ten in blocks for Franklin All-Time in just his third season. This player is none other than, Elisha Brown. When asked Elisha’s answer was similar to Samuele, “ We're shooting for a state and county chip.” With both of these highly talented individuals and a school full of faith in the team I think this goal is more than possible. With more updates on the season as it goes on, this has been Malachi Mettle goodluck FHS Basketball.


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Michal Cima
Michal Cima
Jan 03, 2023

i hope its the franklin warriors that wins a ring this season, i cant tolerate another gsw championship

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