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FHS Holiday Break 2022 Plans

FHS' holiday break begins at 11:53 AM on Friday, December 23, 2022. From Massachusetts to Virginia, from traveling abroad to saying home, FHS students plans for the holidays differ wildly. FHS Student Journalists share what they most look forward to this year.

Malachi Mettle, FHS Basketball player and Warrior Sports Journalist, shares, "I have a lot of family coming over and then we have game night after Christmas. After family leaves, I will probably hang out with friends."

Edward Robertson, FHS Football player and Warrior Sports Journalist says, "I just do the usual things every family does. The only thing I might do differently is on Christmas Eve, everybody opens one gift before Christmas day."

Other highlights include spending time with friends and family, training for a scam job, and catching up on late work!

Read our other holiday articles and share what your plans are for this holiday season.

What do you look forward to doing the most this break?

  • Spending time with Friends and Family

  • Last Minute Shopping

  • Finally Completing Missing Work

  • Cat-ching up on Sleep

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Markus Sutphen
Markus Sutphen
03 ene 2023

Great to see what people are doing for the holidays!

Me gusta
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