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In the Name Of Football: Damar Hamlin's Injury and Recovery

Malachi discusses the recovery of Damar Hamlin, as well as his charitable fund and dedication.

It was week 17 of the NFL season. High playoff implications hung in the balance as the Bengals faced off against the Bills. Two highly talented offenses and defenses were set to face off against one another. The game started quickly. The Bengals opened up the game with a touchdown, then proceeded to play excellent defense against the bills forcing them to punt.

The Bengals, looking to extend the lead after running the ball a few times before, decided to attempt a pass. Wide receiver Tee Higgins caught the pass from quarterback Joe Burrow and tried to get to the first down by lowering his shoulder into safety Damar Hamlin who would make the tackle.

Seconds later, Damar Hamlin was sent into cardiac arrest. This unfortunate event took place on Monday January 2nd at the “Paycer Stadium” in Cincinnati. Hamlin's unfortunate event rarely happens. He was hit in the chest during the tackle which caused a form of Commotio Cordis.This tragic course of events only seemed to get worse, as Hamlin remained in critical condition the remainder of the night.

The sports world has been on edge ever since, Damar Hamlin's story and journey, are plastered on every news channel. A Pittsburgh native, who's put in countless hours of work to get to where he’s at, suddenly was fighting for his life.

Damar Hamlin's charity, "The Chasing M's Foundation" Charitable Fund, gained notoriety and has raised over 5 million dollars in the span of 3 days! It has raised over 8.6 million in the time since his injury.

Hamlin's dedication to the game and wanting to be on the football field hasn't gone unnoticed. When Hamlin finally woke up from the medically induced coma days later, his first words were, “Did we win?”. A true TEAM player.

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Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez
Feb 14, 2023

Very informative, and well written. I had no idea that he had his own charity.

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