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January: the Worst Month

After all the holiday festivities filled with food and happiness is over, comes the beginning of the new year. No doubt, starting a new year can be amazing, but the month of January that follows is dreadful.

Being very, very broke.

So, you went ham this holiday season? You emptied your bank account to buy the whole family nice gifts. At the time it seemed great. But as the clock struck midnight and January began, you now have to scramble for spare change in your car to afford the dollar menu at McDonalds.

No More Waking Up late!

Christmas break is finally over for people with jobs and school. Now you have to fix your sleeping schedule you messed up during those nice Christmas weeks when you didn’t have many morning obligations.

It’s cold.

Although it’s been freezing all throughout December, without the joy of the holidays, January has no menorahs. So when you come down off your holiday high, you finally have to go buy a snow shovel that you’ll only use twice.

No More Fun Holidays!

Christmas is over. You finally have to take all your pretty decorations down. Then you realize you have no people to hang out with because they don’t enjoy going outside during the winter.

Working out.

If you’re healthy, this won’t put a damper on your feelings as it does for the rest of us. But because you decided to eat mashed potatoes for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you are now forced to work off all that weight and start a diet. You’re not the only one! Good luck finding an empty treadmill at Planet Fitness while getting blinded by the obnoxious purple and yellow paint.

It’s Dark And Sad All The Time!

The second you get up from bed it’s dark outside, when you get home it’s still dark, and you don’t get to see the sunlight, kids playing outside, people walking, or enjoying themselves. The only thing you’ll experience throughout your sad month is the cold dry wind every day. January might be the worst month of the year, but don’t lose hope. February is just around the corner and with that comes more displeasing weeks, but also Valentine’s Day, which is even worse.

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