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Opening Night of FHS Football

Friday the 13th, a sinister full moon night, marked the kick off of Franklin’s football season. It was the annual game against Philipsburg. All effort was put forth by the players of Franklin who won the initial toss, starting with the ball.

In the end the score was in favor of Philipsburg (7-42); they were ahead of Franklin all game.

Marching Warriors

At half time, the Franklin High School Warrior Marching Band performed this year’s show: Breaking Free. The band is directed by Mr. Dan Berz and Mr. Eric Diaz, who arranged the music, and by the 2019 Drum Majors, Rafael Ferreria, Ingrid Hoyos, and Dev Patel.

The show goes over the different stages of overcoming problems and breaking free from what holds you back. Each song holds a different meaning within each stage of breaking free. They will be performing this show all season, and will be playing a new song in the stands this year, “Seven Nation Army.” Despite earning overall positive feedback from those who watched the show, others say, “It still has room to grow.”

Come out to support not just the Football team, but the band as well.

Warrior Cheerleading

The Varsity Girls Cheerleading Team had their first home game on Friday the 13th at Franklin High School. They stunted, tumbled, cheered, and danced for all four quarters and even performed a dance at halftime to the song, “Money” by Cardi B. The routine ended in a five stunt pyramid that unfortunately didn’t quite hit at the top perfectly. The two left sides of the pyramid fell to the ground causing panic.

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