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Qatar World Cup 2022 line up and La'eeb: the new mascot

Santoshshiva introduces the 2022 Qatar World Cup and Controversial New Mascot

On April 1, 2022, the International Federation of Association Football, commonly known as FIFA, released the groups for the upcoming World Cup, which will happen in Qatar between November 21, 2022 and December 18, 2022.

For the most part, the teams that will be participating in the World Cup have been finalized. In Group A we have the hosts Qatar, who will be facing Ecuador, Senegal, and Netherlands. This group will be sure to have several unique matches between teams that have never faced eachother before. In Group B we have England, USA, and IR Iran. The US has a history of upsetting England at the World Cup, so it will be interesting to see how the group plays out. In Group C we have Argentina, Poland, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. In Group D we have defending champions France, Denmark, and Tunisia. In Group E we have Spain, Germany, and Japan. Two of these nations won the World Cup in 2010 and 2014 respectively. In Group F we have Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia. Belgium and Croatia had a great performance in the last World Cup, while Canada, which has not been in a World Cup since 1986, has recently been seeing success, as they topped in their regional qualification group. In Group G we have Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon. Three of these nations composed Group E of the 2018 World Cup, while Cameroon, after failing to qualify in 2018, is hoping to make a resurgence. Lastly, in Group H we have Portugal, Uruguay, Ghana, and the Republic of Korea. Uruguay infamously used a hand ball to deny Ghana from making it into the semifinals in the 2010 World Cup.

Overall, the World Cup Draw was good because it gave us a lot of exciting matches to look forward to.

On a side note, the mascot and theme song for the tournament were also revealed. See Qatar's La'eeb in the slideshow below:

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