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Seventeen Woozi’s Solo Mixtape Ruby

Aqsa writes about about Woozi's Solo Song.

Woozi’s solo song, “Ruby” was released on January 03, 2022 at 4:00 AM EST as part of his official mixtape by Hybe Entertainment on social media platforms, including YouTube, Soundcloud and Dropbox). Hybe released the teaser for Ruby on January 02,2022 creating uproar on Twitter. They also released concept photos on Seventeen’s official Instagram page.

The song achieved a milestone on iTunes charts by topiing 10 in 35 countries and topping 1 in 18 countries within 24 hours of its release. The song, “Ruby” incorporates different aspects of Woozi’s singing style to cater to the experience of listeners. On January 4, 2022, it climbed up to 3rd on the worldwide iTunes chart. #Ruby and #Woozi trended on Twitter globally minutes after the song dropped, showcasing the impact the song had on fans all over the world.

“Ruby” is about being attracted to another person. Woozi uses symbols such as rubies, the jewel to capture how much brightness his fans bring into his life. He also refers to the color red in the lyrics “pass me a coke zero to calm down, oh, this is red too” to refer back to the jewel. In the music video, the lighting is also red to add to the symbolization of Ruby. By using the Ruby Woozi put importance on Rubies since they are red and red signifies love. He expresses his love for his supporters through symbolism. In the lyrics he says “pass me a coke zero to calm down” causing coke zero to trend in the Food topic of twitter and his own members and fans to make jokes about him drinking coke to calm down. Now whenever fans come across a picture in which Woozi looks mad, they comment “someone give him a coke zero” on Weverse because it “calms him down” and it’s his favorite drink.

The lyrics and cinematography for the music video and the band session video mesh well which is why the song rose on the charts.

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