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Spider- Man: No Way Home Review:

Gael Reviews Spider-Man: NO Way Home

It’s been a little over 2 years since audiences have received a new Spider-Man movie from Marvel. This is largely due to the uncertainty the Covid-19 pandemic has caused when it comes to filming and how it has affected large roll-outs of things such as film premieres in movie theaters., which explains the primary reason(s) this new Spider-Man has not only been delayed once, but multiple times. With that being said, the movie picks up from where the previous title, “Spider-Man: Far From Home ‘’, left off. Plenty familiar faces return, most notably with the likes of Tom Holland donning the mask of Spider-Man and the hero’s identity of Peter Parker and Zendaya reprising her role as M.J. After a premiere that is long overdue, there has been plenty of speculation regarding what the film was going to deliver, and based on its opening week’s reception, it definitely has.

In this movie, the audience will see how Peter is dealing with the repercussions of having his identity revealed to the public and how it affects not only his life, but the people around him as well. On top of this, he is still getting accused of the death of the last primary villain (Mysterio) by the public. All of these factors combine to set up the plot for what “Spider-Man: No Way Home” will revolve around, which is how Peter is going to handle all these things that seem almost impossible to come back from, even for someone as odd-defying as he is.

Based on the reactions and reviews from thousands of audiences upon its release, it is safe to say that the film lives up to the hype surrounding it.Rolling Stone says “No Way Home truly transforms itself into something unusual and a cut above your average superhero movie” in their article on the film titled “We Need to Talk About ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Now.” This has also been a frequent topic of conversation among students around Franklin High School, with senior student, Arnav Satish, claiming it to be “the absolute best movie of all time.” Sure, there may be a bit of bias in Arnav’s statement as it’s coming from a long time Spider-Man fan, but it goes to show how highly this movie exceeded even the most die-hard fans’ expectations.

Webbing Things Up, there is plenty to be said about this film, with it being definitely safe to say that this is a film everyone should consider watching. The great reception of this film already correlates to it going down in history for its success in the box-office within its opening week, and it’s only going to continue to set the bar higher for superhero movies that come after. Whether it be with family or friends, it aims to be an emotional, action-packed, ruminating joy-ride of a film, and it delivers that and so much more.

New Spider- Man Film To Come!

Jayden writes about the most anticipated film in the Spider-Verse!

To start off Spider-man: Across the Spider-Verse will come out this year on October 7 and along with that the movie will have multiple parts to it. The trailer for this movie came out a month ago at december 15 2021. This movie is also a sequel to Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse which came out in October of 2018. In addition to that, the animation of the movie seems to have the same animation as the previous movie which was produced by Columbia pictures and Sony Pictures Animations. But this time we may see something new seeing that now Spider-man Miles Morales will be traveling into different Spider-Verses which based on the trailer have their own and unique setting where they take place at. Where compared to the last movie it was the setting was just in Miles alternate world.

Shamiek Moore (Miles Morales), Jake Johnsohn (Peter B. Parker), Hailee Steinfield (Gwen Stacy), Oscar Issac (Spiderman 2099), and Issa Rae will be in this movie. Everyone but Issa Rae was in the previous movie and Spiderman 2099 the Spiderman of the future was revealed in the post credit scene of Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse. But as it turns out Issa Rae will be playing a new character that wasn’t in the prequel. The person she voices is the Jessica Drew a version of Spider-Woman meaning that there will be a new addition to the Spider-verse.

Along with this based on Screenrant “Producer Phil Lord teases Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 may feature an appearance from the infamous Japanese Spider-Man.” The live action show of Japanese Spider-man first appeared in May 1978 and ended shortly almost a year later in March of 1979 so it will be a surprise if he does show up in the film.

Based on the trailer, Spider-Gwen is able to travel through the Spider-Verse; she shows up the same way she did at the end of the Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse movie. Along with that the trailer shows how they interact with each other with both of them looking a little more older than they did before. After that it’s shown that Miles is going through a different gateway or path into alternate Spidey-verse.

The New Rockstars youtube channel did a breakdown of the trailer about important but slight details in the trailer. One of the details was the words being shown in the first universe. We see Miles going into the world of Spider-man India and is in a metropolis called Mumbattan which is a cross between manhattan and mumbai. Meaning the Spider-man: India could appear in this film. New Rockstars also made a correlation with the words and signs in that world being translated in Tamil and Hindi along with Indian music using tables for percussions. Then the interaction with Spider-man 2099 attacking Miles and arriving in the 2099 universe. A lot will happen in this multi-part movie and there’s a lot to be looking forward too.


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