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Super Bowl 2023, Who can come out on top?

Brendan predicts who will go all the way to Super Bowl LVII.

The 2023 Super Bowl is just around the corner with one more week of regular season football ahead of us. What teams are heading into the playoffs, and who's making the run to the superbowl? With the two conferences establishing their seeding, which teams will prosper and which teams will fall flat?

In the AFC conference, the fight for the #1 seed is being battled by the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. With an extremely unfortunate incident at the Bills vs Bengals game this spot is still very much up for grabs for any of these three teams. In the Bengals vs Bills game, Safety Damar Hamlin was rushed to an emergency room after he stopped breathing on his own. This resulted in the match being postponed and can seriously affect the playoffs schedule. Whether or not the game will be moved to a separate week or crammed in somewhere in an already existing one. In other news in the AFC, below the Bills Bengals and Chiefs, in the final week of the regular season the Jacksonville Jaguars will play the Tennessee Titans for the AFC South division title. With lots on the line for both of these teams, one will proceed to the playoffs, and the other’s season is concluded. Meanwhile, the LA Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens have clinched a wild card, while the 7th and final seed remains up for grabs by the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Lots of these teams do have a prosperous future while others are looking grim. To start, the Ravens starting QB Lamar Jackson has been absent with an injury and is very questionable for the Ravens. With Tyler Huntley filling in for Lamar Jackson, the Ravens have not been at full strength and the fans are very concerned as the playoffs approach them.

With a lot of the ground work set in stone for the AFC, the NFC still has much work to be done in the final week of the regular season. Much of it begins with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys fighting for the division title. The Eagles have also been missing Quarterback Jalen Hurts which seems to have done some serious damage, After almost beating the Cowboys to losing to the New Orlean Saints. The Division title is still up for grabs for the Dallas Cowboys to steal. San Francisco appears to have locked the #2 seed in the NFC with Minnesota right behind in the #3 spot. With the win over the Carolina Panthers, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers win the NFC south and claim the #4 seed in the NFC. with the 5th seed still being determined by the Cowboys or the Eagles, the NFC East’s 3rd team, the New York Giants, sits in the #6 seed and qualified for playoffs for the first time since 2016. With the recent overall success of the New York Giants, Quarterback Daniel Jones and Running Back Saquon Barkley are most likely the new faces of the franchise, with the owners John Mara and Steve Tisch looking to extend their contracts. With a scrappy fight for the #7 seed being disputed by the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Detroit Lions. The amount of possible outcomes for the #7 seems to have even more possible outcomes than a rubix cube. Week 18 has quite a lot to unpack for these 3 teams.

Overall, the future for this year's Super Bowl, it is hard to tell what teams will thrive and what teams will fall, only time will tell as the final week of the regular season approaches us.

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