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The Jordan 4 “Black canvas” Jordan 4 GS “Messy room,” "Seafoam" and more new Shoes this year

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Markus shares his opinions on new upcoming shoe releases, including Jordan 4 GS “Messy room," "Seafoam" and more.

Shoes are something that a lot of people find a deep interest in. Some go as far as collecting the most rare shoes. Some buy shoes and then sell them again for a higher price. Some even buy shoes and just let them sit, never worn, never opened, so that they gain more value. There are some shoes customers do not want to miss out on as they enter the world of footwear.

The Jordan 4 “Black canvas” released on the first of October, and so far 1,337 pairs have been sold only on Stock X, which is a website that sells shoes, clothes, pretty much anything fashion related. On Stock X, customers can place bids for shoes, or try to find a cheaper pair which is less likely.

A few shoes scheduled to release before summer are the

said to release on November 5th, the Jordan 4 “Midnight Navy” said to release on October 29th, and the Jordan 4 “Seafoam”, said to release on February 24th.

Some shoes that don’t have an exact date yet are, the Air Jordan 4 x A Ma Maniere collaboration, in November, the Air Jordan 4 x Off white “Rose Peach”, the Jordan 4 “Pink Rubber”, the Jordan 4 x Off White “Mewtwo”, the Jordan 4 “Space Duck”, the Jordan 4 “Syracuse”, the Jordan 4 “Soft Pink”, the Jordan 4 “Moonrock”, the Air Jordan 4 x Off White “Military Blue”, the Jordan 4 “Acid”, the Jordan 4 “Pure Blue”, the Jordan 4 “Volt”, the Jordan 4 “Coral”, and last but most certainly not least, the Air Jordan 4 x Off white “Neon Core”.

With these shoes coming soon, there will be an influx in the fashion community, but mainly the shoe community. New seasons means new inspiration, more people around school or out on the street showing off their outfits. New shoes doesn’t just mean footwear, it means creativity and a new opportunity to show off your artistic talent, masterpiece after masterpiece.

If you’re not really into fashion, or clothes, shoes are a great way to start, and try to push yourself in that direction. The new footwear coming out is a perfect place to start, being easier to come across, and a good beginner point for most new shoppers.

The new shoes coming out this year will be a fantastic addition to any collection, sopre-ordering them now is the best course of action, before they’re all gone.

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1 Comment

Megan Moyer
Megan Moyer
Oct 31, 2022

Thank you were sharing! I like the "Messy Room" Jordans best!

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