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The No Longer Eternal Wait for Ariana Grande's "Eternal Sunshine"

Kerrigan writes about the long-awaited release of Ariana Grande's newest album.

Ariana Grande’s new album “eternal sunshine” has taken the internet by storm, and after nearly four years of waiting, her fans were more than ready to stream. Her song “Yes, and?” was released January 12th, preluding the album and raising excitement. The song, which topped on the Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, addressed the controversy surrounding her relationships. 

Featuring 13 tracks, each song in the ‘eternal sunshine’ album ranked Billboard. Not only this, but the album itself received tons of positive feedback from critics, proving that the four years were worth the wait. “The New York Times” dubbed it “the biggest album of the year.” Despite the album’s accomplishment on its own, Grande’s musical talent isn’t the only thing that brought the album through the roof. Though her talent shines, fan support caused a significant role in the success.

Aside from the lyrical accomplishments, fans speculate that the album is really about recovering from the loss of Mac Miller. Miller, Grande’s former fiance who passed away in 2018, remains an influential figure in Grande’s music. Despite the six year passage of his death, many songs in her album are believed to reference moments from their relationship. This fact especially brought an added emotion to her album, and was what truly gained her fan support.

In conclusion, the release of  ‘eternal sunshine’ was more than enough to remind the world that Ariana is a pop sensation. It serves as a testament to her growth as not just an artist, but as a person too. Despite the wait, Ariana has solidified her spot as a pop sensation for years to come (or at least until her next studio album).

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