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Top 7 Ideas For New Year’s Resolutions This Year

Nia welcomes in the new year with 7 new ideas for your 2023 resolution.

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Every year, people all over the world set new goals for themselves for the new year. Most of the time they never accomplish them because they lose motivation.

For 2023, we should try to do things a more interesting to kick off the new year instead of the same old: go to the gym, get off social media, get a better diet, let’s get some more exciting ideas to put on our New Year’s Resolution List.

1. Go Someplace You’ve Never Been

Whether it’s a new store at the mall or a place that seemed too beautiful to be real, there’s always somewhere new to go and experiences that are waiting to be made. There can be new things everywhere or cultures you can learn about, either way going to a new place can expand your perspective on life.

2. Talk To Yourself With Kindness

When people do random acts of kindness, we forget to do acts for ourselves. Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite series or finally indulging in your guilty pleasures, sometimes it’s important to take time for ourselves.

3. Send Handwritten Letters

Writing a handwritten letter is the perfect way to show people you care and express your feelings, whether it’s for a present or just a random act of kindness. The person receiving your letter will not only be thankful for the thought behind it but not having to get the same boring card from the store that’s usually purchased last minute.

4. Do Something That Scares You

Instead of shying away from the things that scare us, we should learn to embrace them. Whether that’s flying on an airplane, killing a spider or skydiving just try to face the fears that have been holding you back, you might even enjoy some of those things after.

5. Go To Bed Happy Every Night

It has been said that going to sleep mad or upset can disrupt your sleep. Whether that’s having nightmares or difficulty falling asleep, going to sleep mad has no benefits for you in the long run.

6. Talk Less, Listen More

Instead of always trying to make our opinions heard, it’s important we listen to others as well. This can help people understand each other better and cause more people to open up and not be in fear of sharing their opinions.

7. Perfect One Recipe

Whether it’s a pastry or an entree, learning how to make something can be beneficial in many ways. Not only will people applaud your cooking or baking skills, there’s a new go-to recipe if you ever have to prepare something for a family or friend’s event.

Whether it’s learning something new or doing something to better yourself, there’s a New Year’s resolution that you can do this year to improve yourself. Instead of writing down the same boring list of things you want to do this year, try one of these 7 New Year’s resolutions.

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