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Watch "Wednesday" this Saturday!

Marc reviews Netflix Series, "Wednesday," featuring the return of the Addams Family's Favorite Daughter in her own series.

Many people are excited with the new supernatural series "Wednesday''. This series can be streamed on Netflix. "Wednesday” is a spinoff of the popular movie the Addams family. Wednesday season 1 debuted on November 23, 2022. This show is about Wednesday Addams attending Nevermore Academy. While at Nevermore she puts her psychic abilities to use while trying to solve a murder mystery. This series includes many plot twists that will keep you watching till the end. Wednesday Addams is being played by the award winning actress Jenna Ortega. Jenna Ortega had taken many lessons to play the role of Wednesday. Fun fact, during the whole film Wednesday did not blink!

This film has broken a new record for Netflix, having the most views in the first week of its debut for an english-language series. This series has a rating of 14+ due to blood and gore and is targeted more towards tenagers and families to watch together. There are a total of 8 episodes that are approximately 45 minutes long. There have been rumors reported that Wednesday season 2 will be released later this month. Christina Ricci, the original Wednesday, stars as Marilyn Thornhill, a zany teacher and supervisor at the Nevermore Academy. Her role in this show is to help Wednesday adapt to her new school. Wednesday combines the two genres of a murder-mystery plot and a coming of age story. This is very unusual for tv- series but this is what makes this show more unique than others.

The series Wednesday was written by Tim Burton and was filmed in Romania. We see the steps Tim Burton takes to transfer Jenna Ortega into Wednesday. Wednesday was a fascinating unique character to watch in this film. We see a different side of Wednesday as she is not with her family as she usually is.Wednesday turns into a detective as she goes around town searching for clues on the murder mystery. Within 411.29 million hours of world wide views, Wednesday is now the most watched film in a week. Overall this show “Wednesday” has an 8.4/10 rating on IMDB and is highly recommended to watch.

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