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We Want Volleyball: FHS students rally for a new sport

Lorraine appeals to FHS administration to include Volleyball as a Varsity Sport

As soon as I picked up the volleyball a powerful overcame me. The rush of adrenaline when I hit the ball compared to nothing else that I had ever experienced before. I never wanted to put that volleyball down again. Yet I was forced to, and it was completely out of my control. Until now.

Rumors about an FHS volleyball team next year have been sparking up the halls. FHS has a wide variety of sports in its athletic program such as bowling, football, boys and girls basketball, field hockey, boys and girls track, wrestling, cheerleading, and more. However, students believe that the athletic department is lacking something very dear to them: Volleyball.

Volleyball is amont most requested sports from the student body according to Mr. Margolin, the athletic director at FHS. After speaking to him it has been revealed that these rumors wandering the halls are not just rumors, but fractions of the truth. A volleyball team is underway, we just don’t know when. “The reason we don’t have a team is because of funding... the student body has demonstrated [interest]. Then you have to put it in the budget.” The budget for each sports team ranges from 25 to 30 grand, and to comply with Title 9, there would need to be a girls and boys team. This would cost roughly $60,000 and would need board approval.

Mr. Margolin also stated, “If you really want this to happen, you have to speak at board meetings. You have to let people know that there’s an interest. When interest is really important that’s when things happen.”

Many students also expressed their distress over there not being a team. One student stated, “It’s messed up because the majority of students when they come to Franklin they expect for there to be a volleyball team, and it sucks that we don’t because then those students can’t play the sport they like unlike other students.”

Another student stating, “Some people’s passion is volleyball. It also gives students the chance to try out for another sport if they didn’t make the cut for a different one.”

Students have expressed their disappointment and are very hopeful for the next school year.

If you want to help show up at the next board meeting on April 18th, at 7:30pm at the BOE office located at 2301 Route 27 in Somerset to show support.


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