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What to Expect in the New Joker

Once again, a wild card has been thrown into the streets of Gotham City. Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix have taken it into their own hands to tell the untold story about the Joker. Although the new Joker movie has been said to debut on October 4, 2019, the critics and reviews are already buzzing .

We all know who the Joker is and what his usual role is in the Batman franchaise, but his full backstory was never fully disclosed. Now there is an actual movie about who he really is, and this time, there is no Batman to stand in his way.

What exactly is there to expect about this new movie? From what has been released in the trailer, we have found out the Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix, starts as a mental patient in Arkham Asylum. He has a rare disease that apparently makes him laugh uncontrollably.

Joaquin Phoenix plays Batman nemeses, Joker in new film. PHOTO CRED: CBS

People around him think he is a weirdo, and as a result, he becomes isolated and is pushed away from society. He lives with his mother and his dream is to become a comedian- a person that can bring smiles to others. It is clear he feels that is something nobody can do for him, he states in the preview, “All I have are negative thoughts.” Ultimately, gets recognized, but that doesn’t stop him from self destructing and destroying everything around him.

Will this film finally reveal this imfamous fictional character’s true nature- the story behind all that face paint and creepy, yet catchy laugh? Futhermore, do we, the audience, really need a Joker movie or should his story just remain a mystery?

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