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Why join the FHS Marching Band

Michelle gets to the bottom of why students love being the the FHS Marching Band.

It's only the first month being in school and the FHS marching band has already had a busy schedule with five football matches and one competition. The marching band, led by Mr. Berz and Mr. Diaz has been practicing nonstop in order to perfect their routines. With how busy and rigorous the band is, why do so many people join it and continue to join it year after year.

While not many know or acknowledge that we have a marching band. The FHS marching band has attended every football game no matter the weather and placed at many competitions. It's a very rigorous and time consuming thing to do and yet there are constantly people signing up and paying the fee to join, why is that?

In an interview conducted with two students who are currently in the marching band they responded to why they chose to be in the marching band.

First, I spoke with an incoming freshman Gia Toress, She told me “I really liked the program and thought it was cool that we got to compete against other bands.” She continued a “I do enjoy it, the teachers despite being tough are some of the best around and the students are hardworking and fun.”

This answers why people keep joining but why do they stay and continue to dedicate time? To answer this I spoke to a Senior in the band, Arianna Hennessy, who is a senior band captain, why she continued to join the band year after year despite it being difficult. She told me “The bonds that you make in marching band are the reason I decided to continue. You spend so much time with people you may have considered strangers and make friends and memories... My experience in the band has always felt like a huge accomplishment, we put a lot of work and it's always worth it."

Through both these answers I was able to see that while it's difficult and takes a lot of dedication, the students that are in the FHS Marching band enjoy it and have a fun time competing and joining a community they can make memories with.

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Megan Moyer
Megan Moyer
31 oct. 2022

Being part of the marching band was such a great experience for me! Thank you for writing about it!

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