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Will you risk... "Death on the Nile?"

2022 just gifted us an additional film following the journey of Hercule Poirot, which came to theaters February 11. The name of the film is Death on the Nile, directed and starred by Kenneth Branagh who plays Detective Poirot. The film is based off of the novel by the “Queen of Crime,” Agatha Christie. One may be familiar with Branagh's first movie in this series, Murder on the Orient Express also based upon the novel by Agatha Christie. Death on the Nile follows Poirot as he glides through his vacation in Egypt on an alluring river steamer. The fun is cut short when the need to search for a murderer on the boat is at hand.

Even though Death on the Nile is only Branagh’s second Hercules Poirot movie he’s directed and starred in, the Detective Poirot movie saga dates back to 1931 with the first movie adaptation to Christie’s novel, Alibi.

Although one might suspect a film that is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing considering the time period and genre such as Death on the Nile, it has experienced a lot of backlash disregarding the film itself and its cast. Branagh co-stars with Gal Gadot who played the live action Wonder Woman, Armie Hammer who played Oliver in Call Me By Your Name, and Letitia Wright who starred in Black Panther. Unfortunately, these leads have all been accused of something that could get them “canceled,” and it is not their character’s alleged murderous intentions. Gal Gadot is being called “tone-deaf” for her poor taste in her music video, “Imagine,” which came out last year. Letitia Wright is an alleged anti-vaxxer along with another co-star Russel Brand. And to top it off, Armie Hammer has been accused of rape and being a cannibal after Instagram message that supposedly came from Hammer rose to everyone’s radar. Death on the Nile’s release date has been moved numerous times, because of these allegations as well as the pandemic.

There are more fans prefer Murder on the Orient Express to Death on the Nile. Most of the complaints about the film are that it’s a bit of a drag. Critics aren’t really pleased with the pacing of the movie. Some say that nothing really exciting or intriguing happened, everything was sort of just… there. However, one common pro about the film is the scenery; the landscape of the film is accurate and pleasant.

“Death on the Nile” could be a hit or miss film for you. And it’s one or the other- one big hit or one big miss. So, will you take one for the team because you're a Kenneth Branagh fan and genuinely want to see his directive sequel, or are you curious to see how bad the film is and are going to view it just for laughs?

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