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5o years in the Making Somerset Youth Center

Isaiah helps Franklin welcome the new Somerset Youth Center on May 14, 2022.

The Somerset Youth Center made its grand opening on May 14th after being in the works for almost 50 years!

The Somerset Youth center is a safe place for youth to be empowered and take pride in their community and themselves. The center has a modern design and is a vibrant and expansive place allowing teens and kids to learn and explore themselves while having fun. The center also offers a wide variety of activities such as filmmaking, a fitness gym, and a library full of books to dive into. It also includes a game room outfitted with the latest consoles and devices. The center has many other rooms including a classroom, multimedia rooms, and a full recreational gym. With lounge areas spread out about, there will always be a place for youth.

Image Credit: Tapinto Franklin

On May 14th, the grand opening offered an insight into the history and journey of the center during the official ribbon cutting ceremony. United States Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman attended and delivered a speech on how the center was “more than just a building.” Other town council members spoke, including the mayor, who almost broke down in tears over what the building meant to the community. The building which has been in the minds of the community for 50 years came to fruition in 2007 when official construction began. The main message to take away from the event was what the center’s goal really is “to enrich, support, and show the youth how valuable they really are.”

After interviewing with a few attendees, it seems the overall response from the youth for the center is positive, even one going as far as saying they “love it”. Others expressed their view of it as seeming “cool” and that they “like it”. The center is located on 429 Lewis Street standing tall with vibrant colors painted onto its walls. Fun fact, the film studio is modeled after the Want TV studio located in Franklin High School.

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