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7 Ways to Give Back this holiday season

Eliana brainstorms ideas about giving back to the Franklin Community this holiday season.

Start a holiday food drive or clothing drive/donate to a holiday food drive or clothing drive: One common ways people like to give back is by donating used clothing items or canned goods to food banks or holiday clothing drives. It’s a great way to provide necessities to those who can’t afford it.

Volunteering: If you can’t donate, volunteering is also an awesome way to give back. Putting in time and effort to make a little difference in someone else’s life is a great way to show support in your community this year.

Give a gift to give back: Gift giving is a pretty major part about the holiday season. Donating to Feeding America is a great way to give a gift back to families in need.

Become an elf: Yes, you can become one of Santa’s elves by answering their Christmas letter to Santa. Most of the letters chosen are sent by underprivileged kids. Select USPS keeps Santa’s letters in a room so that volunteers can read, respond, and give gifts to children who write to Santa.

Take lunches to people who work on holidays: Unfortunately not everyone gets to take the holidays off to spend time with their families. Mainly emergency responders (firefighters, police officers, nurses, retail workers) work the majority of the holidays for long hours so it’s hard for them to actually get to spend some time with their families. By bringing some lunch to them during their lunch day they’ll be sure to feel good on the holiday.

Donate to a Children’s Hospital Amazon Wish List: The Seattle Children’s Hospital has partnered with Amazon to create a wish list for their younger patients. It can’t be easy waking up on a holiday in the hospital but getting some gifts is sure to brighten up any child’s day.

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