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Annual Thanksgiving Dinner, A Review

It’s around that time again. Leaves are falling, apple cider is boiling, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching- a time when people get together to share a good meal. While getting the whole family together in one place for a long period of time is almost never a good idea, each year Mom always seems to invite everyone, including that one aunt who cares a little too much about your dating life. Families sit around the dinner table and try to have normal, happy discussions, but there are a select few who can’t be in the same room without almost starting World War III. We all know the stereotypes: political uncle, racist grandma, know it all cousin, and that one aunt that you forgot about because she lives in North Dakota. The children’s table has kids oblivious to the fighting because they’re too busy figuring out how to steal pie.

And Mom, who’s trying to keep the peace between her parents and in-laws while Dad sits eating food, pretending there isn’t anyone in the room. The food is great though, so while your woke cousin and political uncle fight about Trump getting re-elected, you can gorge yourself on mashed potatoes knowing dessert is next.

Remember that aunt from North Dakota? Probably not, likely she’ll be sleeping in your room for the next two days, while you stay with all your cousins downstairs, who will be up until three in the morning playing a video game that is way louder than grandpa’s snores.

With most of the family sleeping over, it ruins your perfect plans of washing the memories away by drowning yourself in hot chocolate. Lucky for you, you get to deal with your problematic family for the entire weekend. And after all the festivities disipate, you finally get to relax... well, until the looming thought of your unfinished homework fills your mind and ruins any chance of relaxation.

With the fact that your family is providing for your unthankful relatives, really does show that history tends to repeat itself. No wonder why the Native Americans hated sharing their corn and turkey with the Pilgrims.

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