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Brasilia Siege and Storming of Brazilian Congress

Isaiah writes about the recent political uproar in Brazil.

On Jan 8th, 2023, a group of Jair Bolsonaro supporters stormed Three Power Square (Praça dos Três Poderes) of Brazil to reinstate the former president. The supporters destroyed artwork and beautiful architecture. They even managed to rummage through the offices and halls until the military stepped in to vacate the people from the premises.

The police and other forces arrested over one thousand individuals and pushed many more to retreat to their camps. After the establishment of order, the government and other similar bodies pledged to move with swift retribution to ensure those who participated were held responsible. Interviews conducted with some supporters, such as Magno Rodrigues, a 60-year-old mechanic, told a story of protest “for the rest of my life if I have to.” The turmoil resulted because Bolsonaro challenged the election and claimed the voting machines were "invalid" back when the results had been certified.

With this occurrence, some look towards how such an event could result. Some point to the similarities with the U.S. January 6th insurrection, a connection backed by both former presidents regarding each other as close allies. However, other world leaders moved to condemn the affair, with even the Kremlin expressing distaste for what occurred. Ultimately, the storming serves as a reminder of how such a rippling effect may concede.

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