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Breaking News: Classified Documents Found in Biden's Home and Office

Francisco compares the recent discovery of classified documents in Biden's home to those found in Trump's personal residence.

President Biden’s lawyers have found a small number of classified documents in his former office and later searches found some in his Delaware home.

While packing materials at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in his former office in Washington last fall, lawyers found classified documents. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland has appointed a special council to investigate Biden’s handling of said documents. The small number of files found date back to Biden’s time as vice president. Biden has claimed that the documents were left by accident, and that he did not mean to cause any harm. Biden’s team waited more than two months to announce the discovery of the documents, though the White House and President Biden are cooperating with the investigation. President Biden’s personal lawyer, Bob Bauer, said that the administration had to balance transparency with “the established norms and limitations necessary to protect the investigation’s integrity.”

Many have compared this case to the Trump investigations, including those of January 6th and the case of classified documents found at the former president’s home in Mar-a-Lago. Trump failed to return the large number of documents, even after he was subpoenaed. Though both these cases concern flaws in the protection of classified information, and though both may prompt changes to the system of classified files, they are both separate issues. Though there were delays, Biden cooperated with the investigation, while Trump did not.

Advisors to the White House predicted that the Justice Department would not view the incident as little more than a good faith mistake.

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