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Breaking News: Liz Truss, British Prime Minister, Resigns

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Francisco explores the after effects of the UK's Prime Minister's sudden Resignation to FHS.

Liz Truss has been known for her unfavorable outlook on climate change solutions, her sympathy towards Ukraine, and, above all, her economic policies. As it happens, these very promises and policies were what caused her to resign from her position.

One of the late Queen Elizabeth’s last official actions was to symbolically appoint Liz Truss as UK Prime Minister after Boris Johnson resigned due to recent and long term controversy.

Let’s take a look at what Truss’s politics were before diving into why she resigned.


Truss and her administration had desires to improve the UK’s economic position through cutting taxes, which she insisted would “reboot a stalled economy” and would help rising energy bills. She had proposed an emergency budget and has remained tight-lipped about what it entails. However, she and her team were against lowering VATs or cutting income tax to help household budgets. Her plans included reversing the increase in national insurance and canceling a rise in corporate tax.

Almost contradictory to this, Truss disapproved of so-called “handouts” from other countries to help with COVID related debt. There was additional controversy of the tax cut-based response to the recent energy crisis, where many said that this will disproportionately benefit higher earners.

Environmental Policy

Though Truss had maintained that she will continue towards the UK’s net zero target goal of emissions, many, even in her own party, were worried about her true intentions. As part of her economic plan, she had decided to suspend “green levies” on energy bills, which previously went into funding renewable energy for the country. She had also staunchly stated her distaste for onshore wind power, and even solar panels, describing the sight of solar farms on farmland as “one of the most depressing sights” of modern Britain.

Prime Minister Liz Truss also supports fracking, an extremely harmful practice used to mine natural gasses and oil. She had even proposed a new fracking venture in the North Sea.

In a world devastated by climate change, the world needs leaders focused on environmental reform, and Liz Truss did not seem to be one of them.

International Relationships

The UK is a prominent country in European and even worldwide politics. However, Truss made waves when she passed legislation concerning trade with Ireland, threatening relations with Ireland and the rest of the European Union and potentially breaching international law.

Truss also has an opinion of the Russian-Ukrainian War. She has supported Britain sending economic and military aid to Ukrainians, and seeked alliances with countries surrounding Russia.

But What Does Her Resignation Mean for the Future?

Liz Truss, after resigning after only six weeks, is the British Prime Minister with the shortest term. Her resignation has caused economic and political turmoil. Inflation is at an alltime high.

Liz Truss resigned after her tax cut, gas line, and other economic plans fell apart, after several of her proposed laws were vetoed by her Financial Minister. She believed that she could no longer live up to her promises during her campaign, and resigned.

What Does This Mean for the British Conservative Party?

The Conservative Party in the UK is collapsing, losing footholds in nearly every layer of government. In the UK, normally, the former Prime Minister’s party would nominate another official to become PM (Prime Minister) until the next election. However, with enough votes, an election can be forced. If an election is forced, the Labour Party is almost certainly set to gain control. The UK Labour Party supports solutions to climate change and Green Legislation, tackle poverty, and rebuild public services (such as healthcare and education).

With Liz Truss as PM, the UK was already in for a rocky future. But with her resignation, it is left in even more turmoil than before.

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Megan Moyer
Megan Moyer
31 de out. de 2022

I was interested in learning about this! Thank you for sharing :)

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