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Buying on a Budget- Holiday Gift Ideas

Most people hate the holidays because most of us are broke and can’t afford to buy the gifts our friends deserve! Christmas shopping can be stressful because you don’t want to give too much, but you also don’t want to give too little. I have come up with some cute ideas to give to your friends on a budget. *An essential item to always give is a piece of candy or more!*

Santa Stocking: (Walmart $5.99) which you can add in favorite candies (Dollar Tree $1), fuzzy socks (Five Below $5), and a cute letter written from the heart.

A picture frame of a photo of the two of you and or the group, you can paint the border of the frame to make it more creative (picture frame- Dollar Tree, $1 & the paint set Michaels for $7.99).

If you are an artist and can draw, you could draw that person’s favorite cartoon, movie character, flower, sports team, etc. (Paper- $2.93 Michaels, any pencil and eraser you have lying around, crayons and colored pencils can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1).

Cute PJ set (Five below $10 total for the shirt and pants) and candy.

Face Masks to take care of that skin (single package for $1.37 at Walmart)

Jewlery (Amazon) (Pick the one(s) of your choosing).

Goody Bag filled with essentials; Gum (Dollar Tree, $1), Snacks (Dollar Tree and Walmart for $1), Chapstick (Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc $1 - $7), etc.

If you really dont have any money, invite your friend(s) to your house and treat them into a chill day filled with movies, food (the one at your house!), and overall make that time enjoyable. Do not be embarrased if you dont have enough money to buy your friend(s) a gift for the holidays, everyone has a rough time financially and it is okay! Save up or even get yourself a job so you can buy your friends a gift for the coming year!

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