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Club Spotlight: Does Key Club Hold the Key to Your Future

Looking for a club that doesn’t require talent or skill in an art, sport or hobby?

Consider joining Keyclub! The cute quirky named club offers more than the widely known Safe Halloween. If you’re also looking to boost community hours or a cool yellow graduation cord then Keyclub is definitely something you should look into.

The club’s advisor is Ms. Lewis and is directed and organized by their eboard consisting of Rosette Natividad, Eunice Hugo and Anya Mirmajilesi. The clubs amount of members are about fifteen to twenty students and diverse between freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. The main objective for the club as said by Rosette Natividad, “Purpose is to give kids the option to volunteer since it helps the community and helps for college” (president(s) of Key Club).

An upcoming activity that might catch your interest includes Safe Halloween, in which many clubs participate and the turnout is great! Clarified by an eboard member, Safe Halloween is hosted in FHS on the 31st of October and starts at four-pm and ends at six-pm. Typically about ten volunteers are needed but club members are still welcomed to attend Key Club’s booth as it was among the most visited booths in the event last year. For the club members point of view of the event, Hugo mentions, “....Last year the members had fun playing the game we had with the kids”. It is highly advised to become a volunteer and join Keyclub since the club is presented as a warm and amicable atmosphere. As a volunteer, community hours are received as well of course.

Besides informing those interested in joining, a great thank you from the 2020 class is given to Keyclub. Upon interviewing Miss Natividad, a non-widely informed charitable event has been funding the class of 2020, which is the Clothing Drive! “..Reason for donating was not only to provide clothing for those who need it but to also help the senior class and fund the senior trip by selling clothes.” (eboard member Rosette Natividad).

The club meets every Tuesday in C104 and you’re still welcomed to join and follow @franklin_keyclub on instagram to stay informed as well. Hope to see you stay active and contribute to the community this year!

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