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Club Spotlight Model UN

Kiara discusses FHS Model UN's purpose and activities.

FHS has tons of different clubs that students can join. This article will spotlight our FHS Model United Nations (UN) club. Model UN is a club that focuses on replicating diplomacy, international relations, and the UN through conferences. In conferences, students (delegates) represent themselves as countries and debate topics such as gender inequality, wealth inequality, and many others.

The FHS Model UN is a club that has over 50 students, ranging from freshmen to seniors. There are 2 advisors: Rebekah Butler and Craig Lewis. The FHS Model UN E-Board contains 5 people. Kelson Lowrie, Lukas Kebuladze, Emily Chavez, Arushi Parekh, and Maya Zavatsky. While in a conference there is a chair of two people, the chair plays an important role in a conference. They take into account multiple conditions when they monitor how delegates debate. These conditions are then used to determine who wins an award at the end of a conference.

In addition, there are multiple types of awards you as a delegate and your high school can win. The most notable are the distinguished delegate, best delegate, and outstanding delegate. At our most recent conference, RUMUN, our school won 5 awards. In our General Audience committees, John Ward and Arushi Parekh won Outstanding Delegation (UNICEF, Italy). Timi Ojo and Pranav Jain won Distinguished Delegate (ECOFIN, Morocco). Nakami Peck-Wekunda and Amanda Williams won Distinguished Delegate (WHO, Italy.) In our Advance committees or “Crisis” committees, Kelson Lowrie won Outstanding Delegate (2019 Hong Kong Executive council, Secretary of Labor and Welfare) and, Maya Zavatsky - Most Improved (2021 Libyan cabinet, Minister of Oil and Gas.)

FHS Model UN’s next conference will start on February 2nd and last until the 5th in Washington, D.C. It will be hosted at the American University, and the theme of this conference will be The Confluence of Two Seas: stability in the Indo-Pacific.

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