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Everton FC - End Of The Line?

Lucio discusses the state of Everton FC

Everton FC is one of the oldest clubs in England’s Premier League, being founded all the way back in 1878 by John Houlding. Despite their club holding together for more than a century, it appears the club is reaching a turning point. In the middle of November 2023, Everton were handed a 10 point deduction in the Premier League over Financial Fair Play (FFP) violations. As reported by Paul Joyce of The Times, Everton was “spending way more money than what they were earning in a season.” Upon the charges being filed, Everton immediately collapsed to last place in the Premier League. Everton has now been forced to desperately fight an uphill battle to avoid relegation, in order to stay in England’s top flight of football.

A month after the point deduction, Everton slowly climbed out of the bottom in the Premier League with just 16 points, and now sit just above the relegation zone. If Everton do not maintain at least 17th place by the end of the season, they will be relegated to the EFL Championship. Keep in mind that they were only safe last season by 2 points, just barely over 18th place holder Leicester City. If Everton is relegated to the EFL Championship, it would be the first time the club would be relegated in over 72 years. 

Surprisingly enough, Everton’s point deduction has appeared to embolden the club into fighting spirit. Everton beat former Premier League champions Chelsea at home in a shocking finish on December 10th, with Chelsea losing 2-0. Everton also beat Newcastle United earlier on December 7th, who finished in the Premier League’s top 4 last season. Newcastle was humiliated, unable to score a single goal with Everton winning the game 3-0. Everton appear to be on a challenging path to avoid relegation, with their current position on the edge of the void.

Although Everton might be playing well on the pitch, things aren’t going so well when they’re off of it. 2024 is looking to become Everton’s 6th straight year of financial losses according to Rohith Nair of Reuters. Everton isn’t necessarily trying to make money as they are trying to last until the 2025-2026 season of the Premier League. By then their brand new 52,000 seat capacity stadium will finally come to fruition and might just bring them out of this mess, or at least it will if they’re still in the Premier League by then.

Everton still have until May 2024 to avoid relegation, and their fans have become increasingly worried after being struck down in court. Protests have been occuring at every single Premier League game involving Everton. Fans have been ruthlessly heckling the Premier League higher ups, calling them corrupt over the harsh punishment the club received. Despite this, Everton’s current season appears to be a make or break for them with everything on the line.

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