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Fall Pep Rally Celebrates FHS

On Friday, October 25, 2019, there was a pep rally with fun and games at Franklin High School. It was blocks five and six. Cheerleaders were hyping up the crowd and the band was playing. JROTC’s color guards were walking solemnly. Each grade level sat in different sections of the gym and was given different colors to wear: the freshmen wore green, the sophomores wore red, the juniors wore gold, the seniors wore blue.

Mr. Chmiel stated, “I want this pep rally to unite us as one high school.” One girl announced the pledge of allegiance. Joshua Johnson and Kayla Bullock sang the “Star Spangled Banner” and got a standing ovation.

The Want TV Stars got everyone excited and yelling out their years. A step-dancing group called XINOS performed.

The Strength of the Warrior raffle took place, It was presented by Ms. Puilgo and Mr. Solomon and four students won a prize.

Then it was time for Mr. Chmiel to introduce the fall sports teams: first came the Cheerleading Team, who performed a thrilling dance with flips. The cheerleaders created small groups and one of the girls in each group was lifted up in the air and everyone was amazed.

Then, Mr. Chmiel called for the Football team and announced that they were playing the homecoming game that night.

Also, Mr. Chimel called out Girls’ Soccer Team, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Field Hockey, and Girls’ Tennis team, and the Cross Country Team.

Nitm, a musical artist, performed rap music and got everyone hyped. The lights went low, all of the students used phones as lights and there was a spotlight on Nitm. It looked like fireflies!

After Nitm’s performance, the class games began! Mr. Chmiel announced that the game of Hula Hoop was beginning. Students had to link hands and move the Hula Hoop from one end of the line to the other- and beat another grade level doing the same. In the freshman vs. seniors game, the freshmen won. The juniors won against the sophomores. The freshmen even won against the sophomores and the Champions of the Hula Hoop game!

Then, Mr. Chmiel announced that crowd favorite: Tug A War was starting.This time, the seniors played against the sophomores, at least the seniors won one game! The juniors went against the freshmen and the juniors won. In the final round, the juniors were the ultimate champions of Tug of War.

The final performance from the Boys’ Dance Crew was exhilarating and exciting; a perfect capstone to this event! Everyone was cheering for the dancers. They did acrobatics. At one point, the dancers went in slow motion, while a soloist performed. At the end, they formed a dance circle, there was step dancing and one person got in the middle of the circle. Everyone screamed when Ms. Rivera got in the middle!

The Pep Rally was fun and exciting.

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