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FHS Amnesty Write 4 Rights

Aqsa writes about FHS Amnesty Event

FHS Amnesty International held its first in person event after school on January 25, 2022 known as Write 4 Rights. in which students were able to pick from 10 different case studies and write a letter in solidarity and or to officials advocating for the release of political prisoners. About 35 students from all grade levels showed up in person and 5 virtually showed to support political prisoners.

The event began with a brief overview of Amnesty International and its purpose which is to help fight abuses of human rights worldwide.

The E-board then went over a presentation dedicated to help students begin their letters including tips and sample letters for each case study.

Case studies for this event ranged from writing a letter to Zhang Zhan, a journalist who is imprisoned for exposing COVID-19 when it first began, to Janna Jihad, who as harrased for eposing the ongoign violence by Israeli military. It also includes Ciham Ali who was taken at the ripe age of 15 years old and jailed for allegedly supporting the coup. The case studies also provided addresses and the people’s socials so that students could send messages of support as well as further spread the word about what is going on in today’s world.

When interviewed, Victoria Ikabova, a FHS senior as well as Amnesty International’s president said, “ I believe our turn out was phenomenal, and it was very heartwarming to see so many come to our campaign. With these letters I hope that we not only pressured governments and public officials but also came to value the power of collective activism. Our efforts are part of a global movement and I’m beyond proud that Franklin High School was able to get involved.”

There were a total of 50 letters written after school but there are more being counted and mailed as students who weren’t able to be in person brought in letters in support. At the end, the E-Board was satisfied with the outcome of the event.

Extra credit slips as well as community service hours were given to those who attended and handed in a letter. Some students went farther to write multiple letters, each to a different case study.

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