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FHS Safe Halloween, a Monster Mash

Kiara and Aleisha share their "Not- So- Scary" experiences at FHS Safe Halloween 2022.

On Halloween, kids and their families are invited to FHS for an event called FHS Safe Halloween, where they can play a variety of games that the staff and FHS student volunteers have set up in various areas of FHS. This is a fun way for students, family, and staff to celebrate Halloween. Teachers and students at Franklin High School love this risk-free method to socialize and spend time with the volunteers' siblings and children. The FHS staff believes that this was a fantastic method to resume normal activities while keeping safety procedures after COVID.

Volunteering for Safe Halloween, according to Susan Burd, a staff member at FHS is a fantastic way to give back to the community. According to Mrs. Burd, seeing Alumni with their kids was the highlight of a safe Halloween for her. She thought about all the costumes she saw that night. Some were lovely, while others were amusing. Kiara Bacchus and her younger sister Aviana, in her opinion, had the best costume she saw, see in the photos below.

Katherine Chee, a Miss Representation member, came to Halloween to assist with managing an Instagram photo booth that her club created. Katherine cherished the chance to interact with the other members of their Eboard and enjoyed seeing all the kids dressed up. Katherine enjoyed seeing the children who approached the Instagram photo booth to take pictures. Katherine thought a bunch of friends dressed as Alvin and the chipmunk’s characters was the coolest costume she had seen that night. Katherine assured us that she would return the following year. She had the best first experience.

For the same reason as Katherine, Tabatha Alegria, another member of Miss Representation, went to Safe Halloween. Safe Halloween was something Tabatha remembered from her freshman year. The fact that Tabatha was able to make the children happy and provide them with a secure setting where they could have fun and receive candy brings her joy. The encounter, according to Tabatha, was great. Along with Katerine, she was in the Instagram photo booth. She appreciated being able to watch the children step out of their comfort zones since some were initially shy. Her favorite part of watching the kids was their smiles. The children's enjoyment was something Tabatha cherished. Tabatha felt satisfied and motivated the rest of the night since she had made those kids happy. We'll likely see her again the following year if she's still in the area, according to Tabatha.

Overall safe Halloween was a success. The teachers, students, parents, and kids all enjoyed themselves. Next year, all of the participating students and staff will be back. Safe Halloween is a great experience participants were able to have. A rare opportunity to have, which not everyone can. The children that went had a terrific time thanks to the efforts of the FHS staff and students. The teachers and students were able to enjoy themselves while still preserving a fun and safe environment for the kids and their parents.

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