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FHS Students Fight for Human Rights Across the Globe

Our voices are powerful, even as high school students. Students wrote letters trying to rectify various human rights crimes throughout the globe at Amnesty International Club’s event called Write for Right on January 23, 2020.

With over a hundred attendees, it was clear that FHS students were impassioned to make a difference in this way. Treasurer Ryan Hussey says, “With all the negativity and problems in our world today, it is nice to see teenagers come together to make a direct and positive impact in the world.”

The event featured four cases of the cases that Amnesty International is currently working to solve. Secretary Gwen Du- Thumm states, “Often in our everyday lives, there’s not much we can do for those in need other than donate to an organization or become aware. With Write for Rights, students at our school have the opportunity to directly make a change, letting their voice be heard.”

Miles Griffin, and Sanya Majmudar fill out the rest of the Eboard as President and VP.

The four cases that Amnesty featured at Write for Rights were: Ibrahim Ezz El-Din, a 26-year-old human rights researcher, disappeared from the streets of Cairo.

Magai Matiop Ngong was sentenced to death by hanging at 15 years old in South Sudan. When interviewed Magai Matiop Ngong stated, “The feeling is not good at all,” he says, “to be informed that you are going to die, I am not happy for that….”

Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, China are targeted by government officials. Yiliyasijiang Reheman went missing. His wife, Mairinisha Abuduaini, suspects he’s in one of China’s secret internment camps where Uyghurs are brainwashed with Chinese government propaganda.

A Refugee Crisis in Greece caused Sarah Mardini, 24, and Seán Binder, 25, to face 25 years in prison. They volunteered as rescue workers for an organization in Lesvos, and have been accused of spying, people smuggling and belonging to a criminal organization.

The club’s advisor is Ms. Moyer and meetings are held in C305 alternating Thursdays. If you are interested in joining our fight for human rights, please attend a meeting.

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