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Franklin's Favorite Freaky Films for this Halloween Season

When it comes to marketable holidays like Halloween students here at Franklin High School like to reminisce about the movies that completed our spooky season. Some categories surveyed were FHS favorite animated, classic, and horror films. 

Jack Skellington stands before Halloween Town in FHS favorite Halloween Film, The Nightmare Before Christmas Photo Credit: Disney

Out of all the responses for the animated movie category, The Nightmare Before Christmas stole the show leading with 35.7 %.  Out of 35 student responses, 9 people voted on The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Nightmare Before Christmas popularity stems from the fact that it is a both a Halloween and Christmas movie. 

Oh Charlie Brown, a rock again? Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you sure are the Charlie Brownist! Photo Credit: Charles Schulz

Meanwhile Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch only got one response- from Ms. Moyer, a teacher, no less.  But this could be because Charlie Brown came out in 1966, while The Nightmare Before Christmas came out in 1993. So high schoolers today would be more familiar with The Nightmare Before Christmas. Despite coming out twenty five years ago, teens of this generation still watch this movie as a Halloween essential.

Audience members freaked when they first saw this memorable scene in Paranormal activity in 2009. Photo Credit:

This could be said for a lot of other Halloween classics, as well. For instance, Paranormal activity, which came out in 2009 is a movie that Franklin High School’s current generation of students should not have seen when it first came out. 

Not unlike Friday The 13th, premiered in the year of 1980, before today’s teens were born. Now that the survey has concluded, it is obvious that the students of Franklin High School choose movies which which they are most familiar.         

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