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How do FHS students feel about FHS?

Aleisha compares senior and underclassmen opinions of Franklin High School.

Each student at Franklin High School has a unique experience. There are numerous factors that might influence how you spend your high school years, including your teachers, friends, sports you play, the people you connect with, your grades, etc. Many Franklin High School students were interviewed, and everyone of them appeared to feel differently about the campus. Some happen to be appreciative of what the school has to offer, while others are totally the reverse.

Semaj Nelson, FHS 10th grader, believes that being able to eat lunch outside is a great advantage. He appreciates that we can get some fresh air during the day and that we have a variety of lunch location options. Having the option to eat lunch outside is so convenient for people with social anxiety because Semaj feels like it's a break from so many people since there are less people outside. If Semaj was given the choice, he would alter the gym's role-spots areas. Semaj complained that the role spots are “pointless and annoying." Semaj also addressed the gym curriculum. He feels as if students should be able to have options in deciding what they want to do in the gym instead of being assigned.

After interviewing Aniyah Crone, an FHS senior, she explains that she believes that seniors should be allowed the freedom to have lunch off-campus. Aniyah complains, "The food at school is disgusting, and I'd rather get some fast food than pay for something so nasty." Aniyah emphasized how much she valued the school's diversity. In our school, students of various races and sexual orientations are present. She believes that without diversity, our school would be very different. She would not have the same experience she has had her whole three almost four years. Aniyah is grateful that we live in a place where she can experience the diversity because she is aware of how difficult it may be to find it in some places.

Many FHS students shared their feelings on the campus. Seemingly everyone has something positive to say and something they would change. FHS offers numerous things that not all New Jersey schools offer, and we receive opportunities that everyone might not be able to receive.

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Megan Moyer
Megan Moyer
31 ott 2022

An insider's perspective about how students feel at Franklin! Proud to be a Warrior!

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