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The Donald Trump Impeachment is one of the important trials in history due to the fact that only two other presidents were ever impeached: Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson; Richard Nixon left office before he could be impeached. As of January 20, 2017, President Donald Trump has been getting backlash from many of his opponents on the opposing side. The Democractic party has called for the resignation of the president and have been doing so since the begining of his term. Having been accused of obstruction of justice three times, he has never been accused by Congress for two years for holding the majority in congress for two years. Due to the midterm election in November 2019, the Democratic party won back Congress and have called for articles of impeachment. After the next election it would cause major backlash from both the Senate and the House of Representaives.

Update as of 12/19/19: President Trump has been impeached.

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