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Loss to Piscataway Seems to Sets Stage for FHS Season

Playing Piscataway High School wasn’t a great way to start the football season.

When both teams were warming up for the game, the Franklin High School Marching Band was preparing for their performance as well. About 100 kids played in the performance along with the cheerleaders. After performances by the Marching Band and cheerleaders, appreciated by both the audience in bleachers, the game was about to begin. Both football teams had a great entrance into the field, while music played in the background.

The opposing team took the lead within the first few minutes of the First Quarter. It showed that the Franklin football team had a better defense than last year, but it took about three minutes until Piscataway scored a touchdown. This touchdown seemed to cause Franklin to put in extra effort to score their own touchdown, leaving some to wonder if motivation is the team’s biggest issue.

Throughout game, The Franklin Marching Band played songs to support their team, like: “Seven Nation Army,” “FHS Cheer,” and “All of The Lights.” The Piscataway Marching Band also played a longer and more interesting version of “Seven Nation Army,” At halftime, Piscataway’s band did not play their show since they did not have the full set prepared; Franklin did their show without a complete set, which was was disappointing for the Franklin Marching Band.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the score was 27-7. Even though Franklin tried to score another touchdown they failed to do so because Piscataway blocked them, but it seemed like Franklin didn’t have enough energy to block Piscataway from scoring.

Franklin lost the game (40-7) letting Piscataway go home with another win. The Warriors hope for a better game next year with their rivals.

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