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Scary Good Halloween Flicks

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Nia shares the top Halloween Movies of 2022.

Halloween is for Trick or Treating and watching those scary- not so scary Halloween movies. This year there are many new movies coming out this spooky season, like Sawed Off, Spirit Halloween: The Movie, Smile, and many more. Be sure to check out the movie trailers to see which movies will be on your new Must Watch list.

Calling all Michael Myers fans, Halloween Ends is for you. In this movie, Laurie Strode will face off Michael Myers for the last time, and all of Haddonfield is there to help her. Will the town finally be able to end Michael Myers’s legacy or will there be another bloody Halloween? Since this is the last encounter Laurie and Michael will have, it brings the Halloween trilogy to an end. Watch on Peacock, on Hbo Max or at a movie theater near you.

Learn how to stop children eating witches a second time in the family classic, Hocus Pocus 2. We watch as three girls try to stop the Sanderson sisters from trying to eat children’s souls. This time might be different, since the world is more modernized since the last time these three wicked sisters paid us a visit. If you want to figure out if the children are safe from the Sanderson sisters this Halloween, watch now on Disney+.

In Smile, Dr. Rose Cotter starts to get herself into frightening situations but never understands how. After experiencing all these horrifying events, she realizes that if she even wants a fighting chance with her new terrifying reality, she must face her disturbing past. If you’re wondering how this will play out, watch Smile now in theaters.

If you’re more interested in movies that won’t have you screaming for your mother, Spirit Halloween: The Movie might be more your speed. Since the name is the same as the store, it only makes sense that’s where the movie takes place. Three friends get trapped in the Spirit Halloween store and find themselves fighting off an evil spirit that has possessed all the animatronics inside of the store, which definitely makes their Halloween a night to remember.

Whether you want to watch something that will give you nightmares for a week or make you laugh as other people have nightmares, there’s a halloween movie for you coming out now.

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Megan Moyer
Megan Moyer
Oct 31, 2022

Wow some of these were scary! Hocus Pocus 2 was great!

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