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New Principal at Franklin High: Dr. Solomon

Franklin High School got a new principal this school year. His name is Dr. Solomon and he replaces our old principal Mr. Chmiel who left Franklin last year after being appointed as the new principal of Princeton High School. Some of you might know Dr. Solomon as he was the principal at Franklin Middle School’s Hamilton Street Campus before coming to the high school this year.

Dr. Solomon has been a part of the district since September 2003. Dr. Solomon was born and raised here in Franklin and attended the school district as a student. He began his career as a special education math/science teacher at Franklin Middle School . In 2013 when he was appointed a vice principal position at SGS. Four years later, he became the principal of FMS until July 2021, he was appointed as the principal of Franklin High School after our previous principal Mr. Chmiel left the district to take the helm as Princeton High School principal.

Not only was Dr. Solomon a teacher/administrator in the Franklin School District, Dr. Solomon is a part of many organizations within Franklin such as the co-founder of the Warrior for Life Scholarship Foundation, a member of the Warrior Foundation, A member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc, and many more organizations inside and outside this district.

Dr. Solomon’s impact on being in Franklin Township is a big deal since he was born and raised here and has spent all of his 41 years of life here. As a father, husband, educator, and mentor, he is invested with this community and he is driven to make this community thrive.

Dr. Solomon looks forward to connecting with his students again, especially the ones he knew from SGS and FMS. It is very exciting to see how all these students have grown up over these past few years.

Dr. Solomon has 4 siblings. Greg Solomon who graduated in 1987, His brother Louis who graduated in 1990 and previously worked at FHS before being appointed as a vice principal at FMS @ HSC, Mark who graduated in 1996, and a twin sister named Nicole who graduated from Franklin in 1998.

We spoke to a few teachers and students about their opinions about Dr. Solomon being the principal at Franklin High School. This is what they said.

Jordan Turner-volpe, 9th grade, "I liked him because he was my principal last year in the middle school."

Ms. Moyer, Journalism teacher, says, "I know some of his family members and I look forward to seeing what he does at the high school."

Halen Abera, 11th grade, says, "I think he is a good principal because I have known him from the middle school and he is very persistent with the rules, especially COVID."

Aqsa Iqbal, 12th grade, says, "He will make a good change in our school."

I would say that I am looking forward to seeing what Dr. Solomon does with this high school. I really like Dr. Solomon because he is a very kind and generous principal. I have known him all the way back from SGS when I was in 5th grade.

To sum it all up, I really hope that Dr. Solomon makes a good impact on our school and a good influence for our students here at Franklin High School.

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