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Rushing Out to Join Clubs and Activities

From Academic League to Yearbook Club, club members rushed potential new members of the FHS student body on September 12 and 13. A new event last year, Club Rush was brought to Franklin High School by Mrs. Solomon.

Crowding in the gym by hand crafted tri-folds and posters, students were introduced to extracurriculars they may not have been introduced to before; clubs such as Black Youth Awareness Club, Sisters in Training for Life, Miss Representation Club, Key Club, French Club, Varsity Cheerleading, Newspaper Club, FHS Amnesty International, and more.

Photo Cred: Ms. Moyer


Newspaper Club: run by Ms. Moyer, Tuesday, C305

French Club: run by Ms. Alphe, Tuesday, B101

Computer Science Club: run by Ms. Marotta, Wednesday, B212

Anime Club: run by Ms. Montanari, Tuesday, C203,

Stock Market Club: run by Mr. Freedman, Wednesday, C123

Student Government: run by Mr. Freedman, Thursday, C123


Amnesty International: run by Ms. Moyer, Thursday, C305

JSA: Junior Statesmen of America: run by Mr. Lewis, Wednesday, C114

Environmental Club: run by Ms. Anderson, Wednesday, B333

Key Club: run by Ms. Lewis, Tuesday, C104


Black Youth Awareness: run by Dr. Nelson, Thursday, in the ISS room

Korean Pop Culture Club: run by Ms. K. Jennings, Thursday, C303

Miss Rep: run by Mrs. Zeno, C316

Youth in Action: run by Ms. Hassan, Thursday, C119

STFL: Sisters in Training for Life: run by Mrs. Hale, Tuesday, Library


Unified Bowling begins on October 17, gym

Various Intramural Sports including Bowling and Volleyball are also available to join.

And many more...

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Abrionna O'Brien
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