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Stop Sleeping in Class: Advice Column

We have all been tempted to take a quick nap in school. Maybe in the morning, when it is too early to do anything, possibly in the middle of a boring class, or when you are just too tired at the end of the day. Either way, you will most likely get caught by your teacher and you will get embarrassed in front of your classmates, who will laugh about it, not to forget that you missed part of the lesson. This will be bad when you are later tested on the material that you were sleeping through. On top of that, the teacher could have taught a new topic the one day you decide to sleep through the class.

Don’t worry though, you are not alone, and it won’t happen again if you follow these few simple tips and tricks to avoid sleeping in class.

Try to sleep at home… not in class. Seven hours of sleep are recommended for teens, so try to sleep for - wait for it - seven hours. Don’t say you can function better without at least seven hours of sleep, because you are lying to yourself.

Try to be a little more active in the morning. Five minutes of exercise, reading, meditating, or yoga, followed by a nice quick shower can go a long way. Often times it depends on the mindset you have. If you think you got no sleep, you will stay tired and end up sleeping in class. By doing any of the activities listed above, you will forget about not having sleep and won’t feel tired.

Talk to your teacher about making the class more interactive and helpful to your learning. If you think the class is boring, others probably do as well, so communicate that to your teacher. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher, as he/she is there for your learning. This will help your teacher to understand your schedule, if this is a problem.

Actively participate in class. You might not want to, but talk in your class. You can’t fall asleep talking, can you?

Sometimes the obvious things aren’t so obvious. Eat something, stay hydrated. Try to eat fruit for breakfast if you don’t have anything else. A granola bar or cereal also make good substitutions.

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