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Super Hero Car Garages

Superhero car garages are becoming reality to the world. Roman James and Aston Martin are giving the space formerly known as the garage the ultimate makeover. Roman James recently designed a 3,000 square foot car gallery that comes complete with a bar.

The home is on the market for 45 million dollars. The gallery in the Beverly Hills home can house up to ten cars. There is a turntable to move cars around, mirrors on the walls to see the cars on all sides and a quarter-million-dollar fire-rated glass panel between the garage and the lounge.

“They created a lounge where you don’t necessarily have to be in the garage to really enjoy it,” James said. “If you’re having some sort of a social event, you can hang out at the bar in the lounge, but the car is always displayed well. I think that’s what people are looking at.”

Other people with garages think that it is not a good idea and its a waste of money.

They are saying they need to put there money towards something else. Some people just think it’s a waste of money, while others think it’s a good idea. Because there are a lot of people in this world that love superhero movies, they may take this idea into consideration on buying or upgrading to a superhero garage.

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