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Support FHS Winter Sports

As the end of the fall season draws to a close, winter sports at Franklin are beginning to pick up. Many students come out to participate in boys and girls basketball and swimming, as well as indoor track, wrestling, bowling, and winter cheer. Although tryouts have already taken place, students can come out and support their peers while they compete. Students get free admission when they bring their student ID otherwise certain events can cost around $5.00.

“The best part about coming to a game is the sense of community and unity within everyone,” says Abrionna O’Brien, a sophomore at Franklin High School. “We’re all there to support our team.”

Another student, Ana Garcia, added, “The entertainment of suspense, like who will win, makes watching so much fun.”

For the athletes, a large audience supporting them helps to bring up team morale, boosts confidence and encourages them to do their very best. The teams urge staff and students, and family and friends, to come out to watch our winter Warriors compete in the various sports and support them as they go for gold.

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