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The FHS Warrior thanks you for your service

The FHS Warrior thanks the US military for their service to our Nation. We would like to wish the following staff and alumni a happy Veterans Day. Veterans Day is celebrated this year on November 11, 2022.

Ms. Jacqueline Vazquez

JROTC, U.S. Army, Major (Retired)

22 years of Active Service, Combat Veteran of Foreign War- Desert Storm / Desert Shield

Mr. Rod Brundidge

FHS- Vice Principal, First Lieutenant, United States Army, Infantry, Served for 9 years

Mr. Samuel Bobe

JROTC, US Army, Sergeant First Class (Retired)

21 Years of Active Service Served during the Cold War as Allied Guard at checkpoint Charlie 1988 East Berlin and West Berlin. Served in Korea as an observer at the Korean Demilitarized Zone "The world's most dangerous border" and in Granada "Operation Urgent Fury 1983."

Mr. Warren Chen

Physics Teacher, Rank- Major

US Army Reserves (1992-present), Medic (1992-2005), Drill Sergeant (2005-2010), Detachment and Company Commander (2013-2018), Battalion Operations Officer (2018-present), S-2 OIC (2021-present), Operation Enduring Freedom at Ft. Dix, NJ (2003-2004)

Mr. Paul Katzer

Physics Teacher, Corporal USMC

Served 6 years as a Cryptologic Middle East Linguist (signals intelligence), Deployed with and supported the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit during operations, Enduring Freedom and Inherent Resolve

Mrs. Roxanne Wilhite

US NAVY, Master At Arms, Petty Officer 3rd Class

4 Years Active Duty at Marine Corps Security Forces Battalion

FHS Alumni

1. Andrew Holzheimer Jr., United States Army,

2. Evan Dickerson, National Guard,

3. Joshua Dickerson , National Guard

4. Christopher Swails, United States Airforce,

5. John Ortiz, United States Marine Corps,

6. Arthur Holzheimer, United States Air Force ,

7. Chris Cardona, United States Navy,

8. Richard Jiminez, United States Marine Corps,

9. Derek Bell, United States Marine Corps,

10. Leon Holmes, United States Marine Corps,

11. Lori Hellman, United States Marine Corps,

12. Jean Watterson, United States Marine Corps,

13. Jeanette Haynes, United States Marine Corps,

14. Glenn Davis, United States Marine Corps,

15. Jack Gaido, United States Marine Corps,

16.Ricky Gilchrist Class of 1966- Rest In Peace- Vietnam War

17. Aaron Edmond- Navy Reserves

18. Chris Maixner- Graduate of West Point

19. Ian Aszman United States Marine Corp.

20. Rob Wright- Rest In Peace 2014

21. Cory Levine - FHS Graduate - Army National Guard

22. Ryan Russo - FHS Graduate - United States Marines

23. Luke Meister, US Air Force

24. Kenneth Millman, United States Navy

25. Jonah Miranda, United States Army

26. Aanika Sanga, United States Army National Guard- Attending West Point

27. Nicholas Francis, United States Marine Corps

28. Nathan Sanders, Air Force Academy

29. Vanessa Hernandez, United States Marine Corps

30. Samya Reid- United States National Guard

31. Julie Rivera-United States National Guard

32. Raylin Ventura- United States Army

33. Andry Duran Corona-United States Army Reserve

34. Michael Kraus- United States Army Reserve

35. Hugo Reyes- United States Navy

36. Nehemiah McClain-United States Navy

37. Kishan Patel-United States Army Reserve

38. Henry Condado: United States Marine Corps

39. Francisco Vasquez: United States Marine Corps

40. Christain Ponce: United States Marine Corps

41. Giovanni Ore: United States Marine Corps

42. Bercely Guevara-Tejada: United States Army

43. Anderson Torres Urena: United States Army

44. Gabriela Ciccone: Attending The United States Navy Academy Prep School

45. Thomas Thigpen- US Air Force

46. Gio Stewart- National Guard

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