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The Impact Writers & Actors Had on Hollywood Releases

Many writers and actors have been striking on the picket lines of Hollywood studios, who are members of the AMPTP like Disney, Universal, etc. It’s due to disagreements for the writers and actors new contract like protecting writers and actors from AI, raising streaming residuals, etc. Which shutdown Hollywood since many movies and tv shows have been affected, they have been either delayed or suspended production. The unions of the writers and actors, WGA and SAG-AFTRA are asking studios to start negotiations with them for agreements for their new contract.

Union writers and actors are required to follow strict strike rules from their respective unions. For writers, according to CBS News, “They are barred from attending meetings or negotiating with the studios, pitching new projects, entering agreements to option their work or even attending promotional events for existing projects.” While for actors, according to The Hollywood Reporter, prohibited from all principal on-camera work-including acting, singing, dancing and stunts-on top of off-camera work, such as voice-acting and narration.” Also, according to TODAY, “Actors are prohibited from promoting projects they’ve already filmed.” These rules affect many shows and movies by delaying their releases, postponing their production, or even both.

Without writers and actors, production for new shows, seasons and movies won’t happen due to without having scripts and actors to act them out. The ones that are being released during the strike, the reception will most likely be affected as well without the actors' promotions, which led them either to be flopped or canceled. Hollywood would even lose millions of dollars if a movie box office’s performance was bad depending on the production’s budget. These strikes are for a good reason, but they can have a negative impact on tv shows and movies releases.

But, There’s been a HUGE UPDATE with the writers strike, according to an announcement made by the WGA Negotiating Committee, “The AMPTP, through Carol Lombardini, reached out to the WGA today and requested a meeting this Friday to discuss negotiations.” On September 24, the WGA announced that they had reached an agreement and then on September 27, after 148 days, the writers' strike officially ended. Considered as a huge victory for them due to achieving most of their demands, but even though the writers strike has ended doesn’t mean that the actors strike have ended too. They are still currently on strike and still trying to reach an agreement with the AMPTP, hopefully actors are able to reach an agreement with them soon. But it’s unclear how long it will take to happen?

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