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Twice releases New English Song “Moonlight Sunrise”

Michelle shares insight on Twice's comeback and new song "Moonlight Sunrise."

The Korean girl group, Twice, has been unstoppable and growing more and more with every comeback . Twice is one of the biggest girl groups in the Korean and Japanese markets and now has their eyes set on the U.S market. The nine member girl group released their second English single titled “Moonlight Sunrise” this month on January 20th. The song will be a pre-single to their 12th mini album titled “Our Youth" set to release in March.

Fans have been excited to hear what they would put out next after their last album “Between 1&2.” Many fans also wondered how the song would sound and how it would follow up after their last English single “The Feels.” Twice has been experimenting with the style of music they put out while keeping their signature cute twice sound, this song was no exception.

The song has a sultry smooth vibe paired perfectly with the R&B elements and synth beats, as NME puts it “In their journey to shape their ethos, they’ve been diligent in learning from their fumbles and proactive in making up for it. ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ gave us but a taste”.

The lyrics match the vibe of the song with them going a much more mature route this time around with lyrics such as “Moonlight sunrise, oh, baby, just to make you stay.Moonlight sunrise, baby, let's do it all night.Moonlight sunrise, I guarantee I gotcha.”

The choreography was satisfying showing off their synchronized moves, The release was overall done well showing off the care to detail especially with the many different outfits and music video sets. Overall most fans were not disappointed with this single judging by how high it ranked on the u.s spotify chart debuting at No.39 and No.60 on the global top songs chart. The song topped the iTunes chart in over 33 different regions and went No.2 on the U.S iTunes chart making it their highest charting song.

Fans of the group can’t wait to hear what more twice has to offer and what sound they will have in their upcoming album.

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Nia Mclean
Nia Mclean
14 Φεβ 2023

great article

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